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    Textured Athletic Knits

    We are so excited to be bringing this truly unique fabric to you all this week! Our textured athletic knit features a smooth and soft back providing optimum comfort and the right side of this fabric is raised and textured for added interest.  Any garment made with this unique fabric will catch everyone's eye and peak interest.

    With it's moisture-wicking properties and 4 way stretch, this fabric is created for active-wear such as hoodies, leggings and sports bras. But don't limit yourself there, this would also make comfortable dresses and skirts for professional wear! This blog post is a round up of our awesome promotions team's stunning projects made with this fabric. I am so amazed at what everyone was able to make with just one yard!

    Stocking will be today, Tuesday October 9th at 1 pm CST. Make sure you bring your fast fingers as quantities are limited and these may not be coming back!


    Quick Details: 


    When Kayla first sent me photos of the textured athletics I immediately knew these were unlike any other fabric I have seen available. But it wasn't until I felt the python that I realized how truly unique they are. The fabric is smooth on the back and then textured on the front, the texture is a part of the fabric not added on top of it or made to look textured. When worn it is one of the best feelings I have ever felt. Closest I can describe it is that it feels like you are wearing a supportive cloud! 

    I knew right away I wanted to make the Basic Leggings with my Python as the print lends itself so well to leggings. When I finished them I loved them but wanted to make them look a little more like "real pants". So I decided to add back pockets to them. I used the free back pocket guide from DIBY to make the pockets. Then I tried on the pants and had my mom pin the pockets in place. She pinned them all the way around so I knew exactly where to sew. Since the leggings stretch this is important to do so that they don't get attached too tight and pop off. By doing this I was able to use a long straight stitch to apply them and have had no issues.


    When you have some of the coolest fabric on the planet, it is really hard to decide what to make! That’s why I went with a zip-up version of the Summit Peak Hoodie.  It is not your everyday hoodie (although it certainly could be!)  Using the Groove textured athletic and some stretch pleather for accents, I was able to create a high end garment at the fraction of RTW (ready to wear) cost.  


    The Agility Tank and Dress by 5 Out of 4 Patterns is one of my go to patterns. I love the versatility of the Agility in that you can make a bra, tank top, tankini top or dress. There are two back options, T-back or strappy, and there is even a nursing option too. I used Surge's new textured athletic fabric to make a T-back agility workout tank. I used one layer of the textured athletic fabric for the shelf bra and it offers the perfect amount of support without too much compression.  The best part about the Chess print is that it can work for both athletic apparel and swim apparel too. As much as I should use this top for working out I will admit that it will probably be worn the most at the pool!

    Vintage Gray

    Living in a cold climate I decided to make my little one an Ollie Bomber Jacket with my Vintage Gray. (FYI there is a free 2T version available) I opted to line it with black cotton spandex french terry also from Surge. It turned out very warm and cozy, I think for most climates the lining might even make it too warm! The Vintage Gray is nice and thick by itself. I'm really happy with how this jacket turned out and am already working on another hoodie with this fabric!


    When I was asked to sew up some textured athletic fabric, my brain instantly jumped to color blocked athletic tights. After receiving my textured fabric, Darcy had the brilliant idea of someone doing a Patterns for Pirates Wiggle. A dress out of athletic fabric??? Yes! Genius! It was perfect for my first Wiggle! The fabric is thicker, thus smooths out some trouble areas. It has just the right combination of compression and stretch to be a fitted garment. Added bonus is the textures for design. I was able to squeeze a mini off the shoulder Wiggle out of just one yard! I'm in love with how this turned out.


    These textured athletics are unlike anything I have ever seen before in the sewing world. The wrong side of the fabric feels like Surge's coveted DriFit and the right side of the fabric has a nice textured (non-scratchy) finish. I find myself running my hands over the fabric because it is just so unique. Athletic, casual or even dressy wear, so many options!

    Escher Overlap

    It’s no secret that the Super G Tights pattern is my favorite leggings pattern out there.  I love the support it provides, the genius pocket construction and long gusset.  Using this textured overlap performance knit fabric for these leggings not only makes them functional for working out, but also leans to a more dressy style! 

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    Janet Murry November 05, 2018

    Such incredible inspiration!

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