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    Spring Dresses to Make with Woven Fabrics

    Spring is approaching the Northern Hemisphere, and we are all turning our minds to warm weather sewing. Take the guesswork out of choosing the right fabric with our pattern+fabric pairing recommendations!

    Dress Patterns for Chambray

    Chambray is a lightweight woven. Similar to denim, the weft thread is white, and the warp thread is blue. Unlike denim, however, the weave is plain, resulting in a light fabric.

    Seamwork Chantelle Dress

    Greenstyle Havana Dress and Top

    Dress Patterns for Rayon (challis or crepe)

    Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber, meaning it is partially made from a natural source (plant material). Challis is a plain weave version of using this fiber. and has a smooth surface. Crepe is created by twisting the yarn during weaving, and it has a pebbly surface. Both of these fabrics sew up relatively the same, the difference is just the texture (crepe is slightly grippier and less slippery).

    Love Notions Cadence Top and Dress

    Paradise Patterns Smultron Dress

    Dress Patterns for Linen

    Linen is one of the oldest fibers on the planet and can be used for a huge variety of garments. It comes in lots of different weights, so pay careful attention when shopping that you don't end up with a sheer tissue weight fabric.

    Cris Wood Sews Envelope Dress

    Greenstyle Havana Dress and Top

    Dress Patterns for Cotton Wovens

    Cotton wovens, whether meant for quilting or apparel, will have more structure than a linen or rayon. They do not drape well and are best for garments with details like collars and cuffs.

    Love Notions Sonata Dress

    Liesl+Co Cinema Dress

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