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    Polartec Powerstretch Fleece | Sewing Inspiration

    We had a very rare opportunity to bring in a beautiful assortment of Polartec Powerstretch Fleeces, and being in the heart of winter, we all can use a little extra warmth! Polartec is well known for their technical fabrics and especially their fleeces. They are made with moisture wicking, quick drying properties all while being breathable which is any adventurers dream! Many brand names use Polartec to create their RTW apparel lines, and now we can use the very same fabrics to create our own, custom fit and unique styles! Our sewist team created some wonderful garments, so sit a while and take a look below! 

    Kayla | @kctarey_handmade
    Pattern: Thready Theory Designs Finlayson

    "I have loved Polartec fleeces for many years and have used them for garments for myself on the rare occasion I come across them. But it has been hard to come by unique colors or styles that my husband would like. He prefers black and earthy, more subdued shades. Since he has plenty of black garments in his wardrobe, this tapenade color was absolutely perfect for adding a touch of variety to his wardrobe.

    Along with the theme of adding variety, I opted for an untraditional hoodie pattern that harnesses all the cozy aspects of a typical sweatshirt, such as the hood and kangaroo pockets. The crossover hood placket is a fun feature that adds a dressier look to a basic hoodie. The pattern also has the option for a shawl collar style for an even more polished look. 

    Working with this fabric was a breeze on my Babylock serger. All I did to make sewing this fabric less strenuous for my machine was to sew the 3/8" seam allowance without cutting any of the seam allowance off. I also omitted the hood lining layer and simply added a hem allowance to the outer edge of the main hood piece. Also reducing the presser foot pressure allows for more even feeding. A hump jumper was also helpful in topstitching the kangaroo pocket to the from bodice."

    Rachel | @yondercouture
    Pattern: Seamwork Amari

    "As an avid adventurer, I have been a huge fan of Polartec fabrics for years. What I love most about this technical fabric is its perfect combination of warmth and breathability - and those colors!! Unlike most heavyweight fleece I've sewn with, Polartec features GREAT STRETCH.

    I used it to make the Seamwork Amari, tweaking slightly to add elastic to the cuffs and hem. I also added a little colorblock detail to the collar. I love that, as sewists, we are empowered to make our own wardrobe for every occasion and location, including the trails. I can't wait to make up a pair of joggers next!"

    Kyema | @epicpooka
    Pattern: Greenstyle Creations Bianca

    "Polartec Power Fleece is the perfect weight to stay warm through these last few cold months (that always seem to be colder than November - Dec in Washington state.) I waffled a lot on what pattern to pick. Initially I wanted to make a diamond sweater from GS but the weight of this fabric is hearty and I thought it might be too structured for that style of sweater. I ended up chooseing Bianca from Greenstyle which is absolutely perfect. This is the most comfortable hoodie I own and i was able to complete it in under 2 hours! I'm always cold and the fleece lining feels so nice against my skin. The plan was to sew matching sweats but time got the best of me. I'm planning on Brassies or possibly a logger style of legging. Undoubtedly, they will be the best pants I own! The weight of the fabric is great but can be a bit challenging to handle when going over multiple layers (sometimes up to 5 around the hood area.) I chose the longest stitch length on my serger for the bulky areas, and the widest width too. That along with loosening the tension helped pass the thicker areas and I was able to get through it. Totally worth slowing down for the quality piece you'll have in the end. 🙂 Stay warm friends! You're going to love the garments you make with this fabric!"

    Cynthia | @sewn_by_cynthia
    Pattern: Love Notions Whistler Pullover

    "The new Polartec Power Stretch Fleece is the perfect fabric for your winter sewing! This fabric is so warm and thick. Even though I live in the mid-south, I am one of those who is always cold. This was my first time sewing up a fleece backed fabric and I have to say it was really a pleasant experience. I chose to sew the Love Notions Whistler because one: it's a great pattern! and two: this pattern offered the opportunity to show off both sides of this fabric. The construction of this pattern requires using a straight stitch machine and a serger if you choose. I found that my serger struggled a bit with some of the thicker seams but when I sew with this fabric again (and I will!) that is easily fixed by trimming some of my seam allowance and making sure adjust stitch length and tension. I also made my normal size medium in this pullover and it fits great! You certainly could size up if you choose a roomier fit due to the thickness of the fabric. I found the Polartec Fleece has great stretch and recovery and is available in a variety of colors. I plan to make more tops to wear in my cold classroom!"

    Summer | @summersewist
    Patterns: Sonia Estep Designs Hannah & Greenstyle Creations Flare Leggings

    "I’ve been on a mission to add more cozy clothes to my wardrobe this winter to beat the chill. Polartec is the perfect fabric for ultimate coziness. I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to add a classic quarter zip pullover to my wardrobe. For that I used Hannah from Sonia Estep Designs. The other need in my wardrobe is for pants that keep my ankles warm: Flare Leggings from Greenstyle came to the rescue. I’m enjoying elevating these athleisure pieces by styling them with dressier items from my wardrobe.

    I had not worked with Polartec before. I was excited and determined, but also cautious. The fabric itself is just shy of 1/8” thickness. I knew this could present some obstacles with topstitching and inserting a zipper. Turns out most of those concerns were for nothing. Though I chose to use bias binding to eliminate bulk, I have since experimented and found that I could have sewn it up per pattern instructions with no issue. The only thing I needed to adjust while sewing was the differential feed on my serger. I bumped it up to 2 to prevent wavy seams.

    The other consideration when working with this fabric is sizing. Depending on desired wearing ease and style, I would consider sizing up. I made my measured size for the pants but sized up for the pullover."

    Bridgette | @bridgettebabybundles
    Patterns: DIBY Billie Blanket, Greenstyle Creations Embrace Bra and Brassie Joggers

    "I got the golden mustard polartec fleece and it is so so so plush!!!! I love the squish on it.

    The patterns I used here are the Billie Wearable Blanket in XS (free pattern from DIBY) and the Embrace Bra and Brassie Joggers (Greenstyle). All are comfy cozy apparel items that are super warm and perfect for lounging or working out in (probably no exercise in the Billie though lol).

    Both of my patterns required less stretch than this fleece had, so my items wound up with a bit of extra room, and I'm very pleased by that. 😁❤️❤️

    When using my serger, it took a few tries of altering stitch length and differential to eliminate wariness, but im very happy with my finished results. I think next time I might need a fleece needle instead of stretch knit on the topstitching of pockets and such.

    I added a heat transfer vinyl image and a quote from my favorite show, something that reminds me of what is important. ❤️ It inspires me to practice self care, always be myself, and to enjoy the little things in life. I definitely recommend getting some of this lovely thick polartec as soon as it is on the shelves."

    Leah | @leah_wink
    Pattern: Cashmerette Stanton Hoodie

    "If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect, cozy sweatshirt fabric, you can stop your search; it’s this Polartec Fleece from Surge.

    This fabric is plush, smooth, and so warm! Even better, it has four-way stretch. (I’ve never understood why sweatshirt fabric usually has zero stretch.)

    I’ve been wanting to make the Stanton Hoodie by Cashmerette for a while, and when I saw this gorgeous purple Polartec, I knew I had found my ideal fabric.

    This was my first time sewing Polartec, and I was surprised by how thick it is; when folded over, it’s 3/8”.

    I did have to adjust my differential to 2.0 because my serger was struggling to pull it through at 1.5.

    I had toyed with the idea of making this a zip up, so I basted a zipper on a scrap piece, and it came out looking very nice, but I opted for the hoodie in the end.

    This may very well be my favorite hoodie I’ve ever made. I’ll defintely be buying more Polartec in some of the other gorgeous colors!"

    Florence | @ftmom3
    Patterns: Sinclair Patterns Skylar & Lulu Pant

    "Hi friends for 2023 I decided to be more intentional with my sewing. I wanted to create looks and sews that were comfortable, cute, classic, sexy & outside of box whether it was in more challenging sews or playing with colors, changing silhouettes & using new to me fabric bases.

    The Polartec Fleece from Surge hit all the marks I was looking for. I'm on the east coast of the USA and it's cold here. I wanted to make a comfy, on trend & cute loungewear/warm up outfit.

    For my 1st look, I made the Sinclair Patterns Skylar hoodie and paired it with the Lulu pants from the faux set. I colorblocked the sides of the pants to create an ombre effect and on trend look I've seen on IG for track suits. This fabric has 4 way stretch so i could have sized down but I wanted a more oversized look plus I'd be wearing it to go to dance class so i could wear my outfits underneath.

    In total I love the look I created and the fabric was a dream to work with. It's plush with a smooth outer exterior. I used a regular sewing machine, a 1978 sears kenmore machine. I had no difficulties sewing it up taking my time. I washed it on cold and dried at low temps. If you're looking to create for yourself a fun winter capsule this is a must have base."

    Holly | @hollyshausofstitches
    Pattern: Greenstyle Creations Lumia

    "I am obsessed with this Polartec Fabric! This is my first time using Polartec with anything, and I was totally missing out! (Don't miss out!)I love that the fabric is dense, soft and I love that you can manipulate the material to accomplish any variety of your winter sews. When I recieved this fabric and got to feel it, I instantly knew I wanted to make Greenstyle's Lumia for the first time and that it would be perfect for this!"

    Em February 02, 2023

    The tips for the post are such a great asset and make me feel more comfortable making a purchase. Thanks to all of you!

    Valerie February 26, 2024

    Which pattern is pictured with he arm.band zipper? I clicked on all the patterns but didn’t see it as an option on any of them.

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