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    "Pin"spiration Bra

    Have you been following along with #BRAugust over on Instagram? It is an event put on every year by Tailor Made Shop meant to inspire and encourage everyone from beginners to advanced sewists to attempt to sew everything from bras to activewear. Last year was Surge's first year participating and we did this quick round up post of some great beginner bralettes if you need a place to start!

    Today is Surge's opportunity to host and the topic is "Wishlist", so we thought it would be fun to make one of our "pin"-spirations we have had for a while. Well, technically we combined two we have been drooling over but that is just semantics! Our first pin was the lace lift bra that has been making it's rounds on Facebook and the second was this cool Nike bra, we just love the strap detail (although we ended up doing our's a bit differently). BTW... if you have Instagram head over to our Instagram page to find out how to be entered to win a $100 gift card to the shop so you can shop your wishlist!

    These are pretty simple hacks to make and could be done to just about any sports bra pattern. We used Jalie 3247 for our version.

    The materials I used differ slightly from the original pattern:

    • 1 inch fold over elastic
    • 5/8 inch fold over elastic
    • Stretch Lace
    • 2 hook and eyes
    • Athletic fabric
    • Power mesh (optional, I used as my front lining)

    So if you are using the Jalie pattern go ahead and cut out two fronts and one back, omitting the strap piece. On the front pieces cut off the straps since we will be making our own using the FOE, I cut mine about two inches from the bottom of the neckline curve.

    Next we will be making our lace pattern piece. To begin lay your front piece face up and measure up 7/8" from the bottom and align your female hook and eye with the raw edge of the fabric as shown in the photo below. The lace pattern piece should end a little before the end of the hook and eye piece and be just slightly narrower than it. 

    Then trace the edge of the armscye and side edge as shown below, I extended the lace about half way up the armscye and half way down the side edge. Then just draw lines connecting them to the far side and you have your pattern piece!

    Cut out two mirror image pieces from your lace aligning the top edge with the scalloped edge of your lace. 

    Once you have your two lace pieces cut out attach 5/8" fold over elastic to the long raw edge as shown. 

    Then attach the male ends of the hook and eyes, making sure the hooks are facing down (wrong side). I like to use my zipper foot to attach the male ends as I find they can get stuck under my standard foot.

    Next we are going to baste the lace and the female hook and eyes to the side. Remember to measure up 7/8" before place your hook and eyes, this is to allow space for the elastic at the bottom.

    Once basted we are ready to sew up the side seams as well as those little edges of our strap piece that will show once the FOE is added. Start by laying your front piece face up with the right side of the back piece touching it. Then lay your front lining piece on top of those. Sew the side seams and the top strap seams using a 1/4" seam allowance.

    Once you have sewed the side seams and the top seams flip right side out and we will begin attaching the fold over elastic for the straps. Start on one side, making sure to leave plenty of elastic for your strap. I left about 20" on mine. Stretch slightly when attaching, but you do not want and puckering.

     Do the same thing at the neck opening, leaving another 20" on either side.

    I used my mannequin for this next step, if you don't have a mannequin try it on yourself and have someone help you determine your strap placement! Play around with them, there is no wrong way to lay them out!

    Final step is to attache the bottom band elastic. I sewed it with a zig zag to the right side of my fabric then flipped it under and did another round of zig zag stitching.

    Congratulations you have a new gorgeous bra to wear! Please tag us on Instagram if you make one! Also don't forget to check out our giveaway today for #BRAugust!

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