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    Love Is In The Air | Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    These Valentine's Day Outfits are Just for You!
    This year, Surge Fabrics is having a Cat walk fashion show for you to view right at home! For a modern take on Valentines Day outfits, let's take a look at Surge Fabrics of reds, pinks and whites. Oh, and the best part is? These pieces are wearable after Valentine's Day!

    When I think about Valentine's Day, I think about conversation hearts, valentines day cards, chocolates, tulle and pretty dresses in various shades of pinks and reds.

    For this year's valentine's day outfits, I fancied the idea of having outfits that were versatile with the intent of wearing them throughout the season and being playful with various shades of pinks and reds. That's why our first show stopper is pleats to meet you! This fun, trendy, feminine wardrobe will have you ready for summer that you can certainly wear on repeat.

    Model is wearing a red top with a pink pleated skirt

    Our first inspiration is this red top paired with a pink pleated skirt and strappy heels. I love that the colors are bold, yet simplistic, it's sugar and spice, then you have this pleated skirt that demands attention! It's amazing how textured fabrics can draw upon settle or loud details, I love it! To start a similar look like the one below, try this Islington top by Styla Patterns (Little Lizard King) that has several options from a fancy neckline, to sleeves to give you different pattern interests that will help to achieve your look. 

     A look like this can be styled casually, by pairing it with a simple tee shirt, and maybe a plush soft sweater made with this Rose Stucco Double Knitrose cashmere fabric 
    in the same color of this blush pink skirt, or you can quickly heat it up when paired with this red glittered hacci!
     red glitter hacci fabric
    or maybe something a little more casual with this red double brushed polyred double brushed poly 
    that is richly bold color like the red one pictured above and complete the look by sewing the Styla Patterns Salerno Skirt in your choice of Mauve or Berry Pleated Knit.

     mauve pleated fabric berry pleated fabric 

    Or, perhaps, an all-in-one pattern that features a top, skirt and dress like this Alice by Made for Mermaids, especially if you're looking to style this look and you might want casual and comfort, grab your pair of sneakers, or fancy yourself and throw on some strappy heels to finish this look! The good news is that you can't go wrong with any look you create, because inspiration is aplenty and Surge Fabrics has you covered...literally in fabric!


    black striped shirt with red heart appliqué on front. A red shawl and black denim pants

    For our second look, I wanted a classic, chic, and versatile outfit. Most women are into quick and easy elements that can give many options for many days, am I right?

    black and white striped fabric

    Pair the black and white striped fabric print, with an off-shoulder top like this ravishing Sandy pattern by Sonia Estep Designs and add a appliqué heart, and you're top will sure be a sweet show stopper, it's completely a conversation piece and it's fun! 

    Poncho shawls obsessions.

    If you know, you know, and if not, be prepared. Poncho shawl obsession is so fashion forward, with it's sharp angles, but we also love how it ebb and flows, complimenting every silhouette, like this beautiful Tanacross Cardi, by Pattern Niche, that you can wear with two different styles, or how about Pattern Emporium's With Love pattern that you can mix and match with any season
    Geneva fabric
    The Geneva Red 
    sweater fleece is plush, lush and will have you falling in love and is ideal for many patterns, especially a great option to use for the shawl/ponchos patterns.

    While browsing Surge Fabric Shop, I came across this Rose Banff fabric beauty and not only is it absolutely gorgeous, but one side is brushed giving extra comfort, warmth, and such beautiful detail, it too would make a beautiful poncho/cardigan!
     rose stucco fabric

    For our third pick, we have a nice pink blazer, paired with a white top and blue jeans. What I love about this is the simplicity of this outfit and the pink shade of cotton candy that projects a feeling of fun and sassy! This is another great outfit you can dress up, or down right from your closet, that's why I picked Ellie and Mac Patterns (sizes 00-3 (US sizes)) Elevated Blazer that you can wear anytime and anywhere. There are so many options to have fun with this outfit giving it a subtle look of hues. This fruit dove Ponte (even the name is fun) is going to bring fun, sun and everything in between! 

    Model standing wearing a bubble gum pink blazer, white tee and blue jeans
    Consider using this Fruit Dove Ponte Twill (even the name is fun) is going to bring fun, sun and everything in between! The twill textured, stable weight with stretch is the perfect combo for a blazer.

    fruit dove twill ponte 

    For our final style, you might like a soft, muted, subtle look, like this cropped blazer/jacket, paired with a grey turtleneck and jeans.

     Model wearing a light pink blazer sitting on steps
    To create a similar look, use this lovely Haute Pink & Umber Jacquard Knit fabric with its soft hues of pinks and browns, that would pair beautifully with the Setaria Dress pattern by Mood that you can crop a blazer, or as a blazer dress. Please note some modifications may need to be made as the pattern is designed for woven and the fabric suggested is a knit.

     pink and blue plaid fabric 

    For the turtleneck top as shown above, the Petite Stitchery Co. Arlo pattern, can be styled as just the top, or as a dress, and both versions would look stunning with a Gray Brushed Waffle Knit,

    grey waffle fabric

    or in a stretch corduroy for added visual interest.

    stretch corduroy in grey

    You can never go wrong with any of these head-to-toe sweet shades of pink outfits. Have fun playing around with textures, colors, patterns, to create a signature look that's the completely empowered "you" and have fun with it! Connect with us by sharing what you've made and the inspiration behind it! Thank you for hanging out with us and we hope we've inspired you!

    Until next time,

    Holly Ward xo

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