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    Linen Blend Woven | Latest Fabric Release
    Summer is in full swing here in the Midwest! The days are long and the sun is hot! And along with that, the humidity is peaking too. It can be difficult to be comfortable in climates like this, so it's crucial to find fabrics that are breathable and flow away from the body vs clinging. Our latest fabric obsession that helps beat the heat and keeps us cool are these beautiful linen blend wovens. We absolutely adore the varying vertical stripe styles. One lends itself well to days lounging by the beach or poolside while the other gives us a more sophisticated city vibe. Take a look below for a little sewing inspiration and pattern recommendations!

    "As a long-time lover of linen, I was excited to try out the striped rayon linen blend. This fabric did not disappoint. While it is a blend, it looks, feels, and behaves more like linen than rayon. Cutting is easy because the fabric doesn't shift around. Wearing this fabric is a delight. It's breezy and breathable, perfect for the hot and humid summer months. I used it to make a Hana dress from Pattern Scout."

     Kamali |  @kamali.obiagu
    "I have a new love for linen! I have been diving into more woven fabrics to get more comfortable in non stretch fabrics. This stripped linen was a joy to sew with! I made the paperbag shorts from Patterns for Pirates and these feel stylish and could possibly pass as some cute PJ shorts! I plan to buy more and make a wrap dress as well!"

      Florence |  @ftmom3
    Pattern | Top: M4M Alani, Bottom: M4M Siena Skirt 
    "Hey friends, I have a deep love of linen . I was excited to try out this new striped rayon linen blend. This fabric & price does not disappoint. As a blend, it looks, feels, and behaves more like linen than rayon. It's easy to cut & sew up but be sure to zigzag or serge the ends because it does fray.
    This fabric is breezy, midweight and breathable.
    The perfect base perfect for those hot and humid summer months. I used it to make the Made for Mermaids Alani top & paired it with the Siena skirt."

     Bridgette | @bridgettebabybundles
    Pattern | Friday Pattern Company Hughes Dress
    Color | Black & Taupe Soho Stripe

    "This natural striped rayon linen is a first for me. I felt a bit intimidated having a new base and not being super comfortable with wovens as a whole, but I trust the Friday Pattern Company and jumped in with the Hughes dress pattern! They had 2 very detailed videos that walked me through it (along with the detailed instructions provided), and honestly it was a dream!! I added ties and loops and ELEVEN buttons and button holes and survived! Now I've got this lovely lightweight summer gown, and it is bringing me joy. I definitely recommend buying a bit more than you think you'll need as it does shrink, and keep your iron warm as you go, pressing at every step. I hope you enjoy photos in my dress and order some of this delightful fabric."


    Kayla | @kctarey_handmade
    Pattern | Friday Pattern Company Saguaro Pants
    Color | Russet & Pink Soho Stripe

    "What I absolutely adore about linen is how breathable it is. Pants are almost impossible to wear during the peak of summer with the heat and high humidity here in Missouri, but linen pants are the exception. These are incredibly breathable and help keep the sun from directly hitting my skin thus keeping me cooler than even shorts would! I paired it here with a Sew Liberated Bedrock Tee made in our Flamingo Kerry Superwash Wool."







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