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    Lightweight Cotton Jersey | Latest Fabric Release

    We are so excited to share a little sewing inspiration with you all for our newest release, Lightweight Cotton Spandex Jersey. Cotton Spandex Jersey is possibly one of the most used fabric bases when it comes to sewing with knits. It is recommended for so many projects, but we found that heavier weights didn't lend itself as well to tops and dresses than this lighter weight. This 135gsm weight offers a better drape and an airiness that heavier weights can't provide. Yet it's heavy enough to be opaque. We thought it might be a little difficult to imagine so we enlisted the help of our sewist team to share some projects and sewing inspiration!

    Leah | @leah_wink
    Color | Paprika 
    Pattern | French Navy Astair Tee 
    "Surge’s cotton spandex jersey is the perfect fabric for summer-weight t-shirts or dresses. Coming in at 135gsm (7oz), the base is available in so many vibrant, saturated colors. 
    I love that the fabric has four-way stretch, and it drapes beautifully. If you’re looking for a staple base with endless pattern possibilities that will last with repeated wear, you’ll want to grab some cotton spandex jersey!"

    Alicia | @craftivitie
    Color | Atlantic 
    Pattern | Paradise Patterns Blomma Tank 
    "Cotton spandex garments are staple. Everyone loves a great tee or tank. I never realized how much I love tanks as we embrace hot summer-like temperatures earlier than usual this year. I made the Blomma Tank in teal cotton spandex. It’s just the right amount of lightweight (7oz) for this kind of weather. This fabric is 4-way stretch. The Teal color is bold with a rich blue hue. It reminds me of waters in México. It also happens to be one of my favorite colors. Get your cotton spandex fabric now! That cute summer tank is waiting for you!"

    Jessica | @genwindesignco
    Color | Firecracker Red
    Pattern | Sonia Estep Designs Victoria 
    "Cotton spandex jersey is a lightweight fabric that is perfect for summer wardrobe pieces! The fabric is breathable to help keep you cool on hot days and is great for making garments such as t-shirts, tank tops, and dresses. It drapes well and has a soft, smooth texture that feels good against the skin. I used the red cotton spandex jersey to make a Sonia Estep Designs Victoria, but without adding the long sleeves for a comfy, but stylish summer top! This fabric is a must-have for your stash!"

    Bernice | @sewbee73
    Color | Dark Plum
    Pattern | Sinclair Patterns Dakota Dress 
    "I love cotton spandex jersey because it's comfortable to wear and it's easy to care for. This fabric is what I consider lightweight and is a good weight for tees, tanks and dresses. I love the comfort of a knit dress in warmer weather and using cotton spandex jersey adds to its comfort with the softness and breathability. This plum color is a rich, deep grape color...I love it!"

    Cynthia | @sewn_by_cynthia
    Color | Navy
    Pattern | Pattern Emporium Endless Summer Tee 
    "Summer sewing means I am reaching for cotton based fabrics to keep me cool in the hot and humid Southern US. This top weight cotton spandex jersey is a great choice for tees and tanks and is available in several different colors. I am always lacking darker color tees in my wardrobe as I feel I will get too hot in them. But this fabric is so light and airy…that wasn’t the case at all! And the cotton base means it sewed up so nicely. I used the Navy for an Endless Summer Tee from Pattern Emporium because I love the fit and the many fun sleeve options. A plain navy tee is just elevated a notch when you add double flutter sleeves! If you look closely at my skirt (made with Surge Cotton French Terry) you can spot a bit of the navy jersey on the pockets. You will find you want to use every scrap of this fabric!"

    Mandy | @handmademandy
    Color | White
    Pattern | Just Patterns Claudia Tank

    I love the feel of cotton jersey and this fabric has a soft, light and pillowy hand. I wanted to explore the structure and drape and so chose to sew up two similar patterns, the Claudia Tank and the Max Tee-- which both have structure at the shoulders and enough ease to flow down from there. I am so happy with the fabric and pattern pairings and can't say I have a favorite-- with the Just Patterns Claudia feeling a bit more modern and Chalk & Notch Max (with the more visible arm facing stitching) looking more sporty. Both are excellent takes on a basic tee that I know I'll be reaching for all summer in this fabric that is easy to care for, and comfortable to wear. I can see this being a very child and family friendly fabric that can be layered in all seasons. The basics get overlooked so often, but making your own tees and base pieces can make a humongous difference in comfort and confidence. And on the white colorway opacity-- this fabric is lightweight and I probably wouldn't go with anything high contrast underneath--but I feel very comfortable wearing it over white or skin-toned undergarments without additional layers.

    Rachel | @yondercouture
    Color | Cerulean Blue 
    Pattern | Made for Mermaids Sage 
    "Cotton spandex is a tried-and-true best fabric for hot weather - breathable, lightweight, and the right amount of recovery for all-day wear. I wore this cute little dress to do all of the tourist-y things in Nashville in humid 90+ degree weather and it still looked great at the end of the day. My hair is another story... I would definitely recommend washing and drying your fabric with your favorite anti-static method before cutting and sewing. While it's relatively easy to work with, it can be a little bit clingy without fabric softener!" 

    Kyema | @epicpooka
    Color | Burgundy 
    Pattern | Greenstyle Patterns Bomdia 
    "Sewing this Cotton Spandex Jersey brings me back to when I first started working with knits! It's the first fabric I attempted a t-shirt with and used my very plastic, very inexpensive sewing machines zigzag stitch. It was a wearable success and I was so proud! Now, 11 years later this fabric feels like a full upgrade from the very thick and scratchy fabric I was sewing in 2012. It's stretchy, soft, and best of all, breathable for the hot summer I'm heading in to. I sewed Bomdia from Greenstyle with a tank neckline and sleeves. I like that the fabric is on the thin and breathable side while still being opaque. I'll be snagging a few more colors to make a few t-shirts for summer, too and maybe some for my kiddo as she's prone to overheating. Can't wait to see what you make! ❤️"

    Florence |  @ftmom3
    Color | Candy Pink 
    Pattern | True Bias Zoey Tank
    "Summer sewing is in full effect. I wanted comfort, something that drapes well, smooth texture without being clingy. This cotton spandex is 135gsm and lightweight with a 4 way stretch that hit all my check marks. I made 2 tops the True Bias Zoey tank and Greenstyle Patterns Sky tank. The dusty pink is warm, subtle and feels like cotton candy happiness."











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    Dianna Wilson July 10, 2023

    Looking for a knit to make more summer night shifts. (Sleeveless dresses) Would this fabric be similar to what I can find in stores?

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