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    Lace Up V-Neck Hack
    Surge Fabric Shop is sponsoring "Sew A V-Neck" week in the 52 Week Sewing Challenge Facebook Group and I wanted to contribute something special for the occasion! Plus, I love v-necks and I believe they are flattering on everyone! I have been seeing these cute lace up style v-neck shirts and tanks for a while now in stores and on Pinterest.  I kept thinking that I had to have some sort of grommet tape/band in order to re-create the top.  Until I had an "ah-ha" moment where it occurred to me, I could apply the grommets to the band, in any fabric! And that's how this cute little lace up v-neck came to be! Let's get started! 

    Additional Supplies Needed

    Lightweight fusible interfacing (preferably knit)
    7mm grommets (4-10) and die set

    Preparing The Pattern

    Before you cut out your fabric, we will need to alter the neckline for the front.  I am using Patterns for Pirates Favorite Tee pattern and lowering the 'v' by 4.5". On the striped version, I used Greenstyle Creations Green Tee (free with a code in their Facebook group) and lowered the neckline by 2.5". You will also have to alter the length of the neckband to accommodate the larger opening. Now you will measure the front and back neckline pieces, multiply by 2 (assuming you are measuring the pattern piece when cut on the fold) and subtract the seam allowances.  Take that number and multiply by 90%, this will be your new neckband length.

    Next, you will sew the top up until the point where you sew the neckband. 

    Now, we will prep the neckband and the neck opening.  As with any V-neck, you will sew basting stitches to stabilize the 'v'. You will also sew the neckband together by sewing from the corner to the point, as marked on your pattern, to the other corner.

    Next, we need to add interfacing to the neckband where we will be applying the grommets.  For this, I cut 2- 1" x 5" strips of SF101 (lightweight woven interfacing) and fused it to the wrong side, on both sides of the 'v'. Be careful to make sure the interfacing will not end up in the fold by keeping the edge at or slightly below the halfway point of the band.

    Now we will baste the 'v' of the band together and proceed with sewing the v-neck as normal.  Clip into the center of the 'v' without cutting into your basting stitches.  Then, we will place the tip of the band into that opening and pin in place. Clip on both sides of the 'v' and take it to your sewing machine to baste in place.

    Flip over your band and see if you are happy with the placement. If you are, finish sewing the neckband to the opening.  I like to serge this step to completely finish this seam.  You start from the tip and sew all the way around and chain off from the other side of the 'v'.  Tie your ends off.

    Now, we need to decide where to place our grommets.  The first one should be placed 1/2" away from the 'v' then 1" away from the previous one. I added a total of 5 grommets to reach the original 'v' depth. If you want to alter the number of grommets, be sure to add the appropriate length of interfacing inside the band. Next, use an awl to create the openings for your grommets, you may need to open them more with a seam ripper.

    Next apply the grommets with your die set on a hard surface or by using your press.

    The final step is to create a drawstring and weave it through your grommets! Just cut a long strip of fabric 1.25" wide and sew the edges right sides together, pull the right side out and weave it through the grommets.  Now try it on and decide how tight/loose you would like your ties to be! 

    Here is a video of this tutorial as well: 

    I hope you enjoy this little hack and make one (or 5!) for yourself! If you do, be sure to tag us on IG @surgefabricshop and/or share in our Facebook group! Here are a few other versions I made as well! 


    Julie Carter August 13, 2019

    A fabulous tutorial/video, thanks!

    Laurie Schmits February 07, 2022

    The striped version is just exactly what I was looking for! Super cute!!! Thank you

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