Lace Tanks for Fall Layering (A Tutorial!)

It's no secret that we are a bit lace obsessed here at Surge.  We are always looking for ways to use our laces in projects.  This one is no exception.  And better yet, it is perfect for the coming seasons where layering is both practical and trendy! 

For this pairing, I used our Cobalt Rayon Spandex, Cobalt & Copper Embroidered Trim and Cider Brushed Sweater Knit to make an Essential Tank  and Adrienne Sweater .

Making this lace hem tank can be done with ANY pattern.  If you are using a fitted pattern, like Patterns for Pirates Cross My Heart Cami, you will want to gather the lace.  If you do not, the lace will not fit around your hips and you may end up improvising with a side split.  Ask me how I know, LOL.

Here, I used our Black Modal Spandex, Acacia Embroidered Trim and Ash Brushed Sweater Knit to make a CMH Cami and Favorite Tee.


Let's get started!

Supplies you will need:

First step is to cut out your pattern pieces per the pattern directions. I like to press the hem allowance at this point too.  It just makes it easier to hem later on.

Next, you will sew 1 side seam using the patterns seam allowance. 

If you are opting for the gathered trim (particularly important if using a fitted pattern), then we will need to gather that first. You will need to do this on your normal sewing machine. I like to turn the tension up a little (to 5 or 6 on my machine) and increase the stitch length.  Then start sewing along the top edge of the trim.  This neatly gathers the lace and saves you the hassle of hand gathering.

Now, we are going to pin the trim to the hemline. Start with the wrong side of your top facing up. It is important to leave some of the trim "dangling" over the edge.

Okay, it's time to stitch the trim in place! Flip over your top so you are sewing the right side.  Using your coverstitch machine or regular sewing machine with a twin needle (or preferred hemming stitch), we are going to slowly hem this tank.  Please be careful and make sure the lace stays above your stitch line, you don't want to miss it when sewing.  Also, be careful and pull out your pins as they make their way to the presser foot, you don't want to break a needle on a pin! The fabric will slightly stretch and create some buckling. Adjust the fabric as you sew, this is why we have our "lace reserve" at the end of the tank.  
Flip over your top and admire your beautiful hem!
Last step is to sew your side seam.  From the underarm all the way down through the lace. Be careful to align the bottom of your fabric hems together and the edges of the lace.
If you serged this side seam, you are probably wondering what to do with the chain off. I prefer to weave it into the seam in between the 2 layers of lace.  You could also tack down the seam to one side, with your threads, on your sewing machine as well.
All you have left to do is finish your arm and neck openings per the pattern instructions! 

This last one I used Charcoal Modal Spandex and Off White & Charcoal Embroidered Trim to make a CHM Cami and I paired it with a Light Rain Sweater I hand knit last year.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and make one yourself! If you do, we would love to see! Share in our Facebook Group, or tag us on Instagram @surgefabricshop. For more lace trim inspiration, visit our Pinterest board!
KAREN THOMPSON August 23, 2018

Love this! I need this lace, do you have it available?

Surge Fabric Shop August 23, 2018

Hi Karen,
Yes we carry LOTS of gorgeous embroidered lace trims. Shop them all here:

Heidi Desmond September 24, 2018

What beautiful work you have done and I love the tutorials and your beautiful laces!

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