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    Heavy Rayon Rib Knit | Latest Fabric Release

    This week we are introducing a new rib knit to the shop, but it isn't just any 'ol rib knit. This new one boasts an incredibly heavy weight at 400gsm, which is really hard to find! Most rib knits average around 180-200gsm, with cuff rib knits peaking around 250gsm, which is great for a variety of garments, but there are some instances where you really want a hearty fabric to ensure coverage and opacity in a garment. With Spring and Summer on the way, we wanted a fabric suitable for fitted skirts and dresses that would be breathable and allow air to permeate the fabric. Rayon is one of the best fibers to wear in high heat and humidity as it is cool to the touch and great at wicking away moisture from the skin. But this heavy weight can easily carry you through the seasons dependent on the type of garment you create with it. Here's a little inspiration from our team!

    Rachel | @yondercouture
    Pattern | Made For Mermaids Audrey Dress
    Colorway | Moroccan Sunset

    "I love working with and wearing heavyweight fabrics because they feel like a hug! The new heavy rayon rib was a delightful surprise from the moment I pulled it out of the mailer - the perfect blend of weight and drape makes it the perfect base for so many garments. I initially set out to make a body con dress, but, due to projector issues, wound up with something a bit looser (and it's still cute!). What makes this base so great for fitted garments is the opacity and "cushion" of the fabric. It shows off curves without being revealing."

    Kamali | 
    Pattern | Petite Stitchery Dovie Crop & Romy Skirt
    Colorway | Neptune Green 

    "This heavy weight and beautiful stretch on the rib has me in love. I love the smooth hand and thickness! This fabric is perfect for makes that show a little skin or showing off the body with a fitted make. Also, this fabric does really good with an iron. I was nervous though I kept my settings low, but it was so nice to iron down some of the waviness with ease. I knew from the start of what I wanted to make, but yall, I think I have about 5 ideas in my head with four other colors! I made the Dovie crop and Romy skirt. Both patterns are from Petite Stitchery & Co. This came together so well and the color is so flattering along with being perfect for spring and summer!"

    Kyema | @epicpooka
    Pattern | Greenstyle Sav's Sweatshirt
    Colorway | Relic Bronze

    "When I got this heavy rib I really wanted a cozy cropped sweater. After shopping my pattern stash I decided to go with my tried and true Greenstyle Sav's Sweatshirt. It's a quick and easy pop over style that feels comfortable every time. This Rayon Rib is exactly as it's named, heavy weight, which means it will be perfect for a more form fitted style but as you can see from my pictures, it still has incredible drape if you choose a looser fit. Because it's rayon, the fabric is pretty flowy and it also has incredible stretch. It's going to be perfect for a transition piece as it's thick enough to provide some warmth but still nice and breathable with the rayon base. Speaking of, make sure you test a scrap piece with your iron. This doesn't feel like a typical rayon that I've used, so I almost forgot and use a cotton setting which certainly would have burned the fabric! I'll be buying some spring colors for some sleeveless turtle necks for spring weather work-wear this year."

    Florence | @ftmom3
    Pattern | Lore Piar Leia Top & Wonderful Sews Willow Top
    Colorway | Off White

    Friends, looking for a heavy rib that has a smooth touch, breathable, and comes in great classic colorways. Well, look no further. We got you with this Rayon Rib. It's a heavier weight rib, which makes it great for more fitted garments, think BAWWWWDDDYYYYY con, pencil skirt ,tanks, etc..
    I made 2 makes, the first the Lore Piar Leia top with this unique and stylish collar. The pattern is more form fitting, and this base was perfect for it. The way it holds the shape and silhouette of the pattern but still feels comfortable on. I then used the little bit left to make a cropped version of the Willow top from Wonderful Sews. It's a great transitional sew from winter into spring sewing.
    Psa, make sure you test a scrap piece with your iron because it's not like regular rayon normal cotton setting may cause it to burn. I can't wait to get some of the brighter colors to make cute tanks and short sets for me & my girls."

    Bridgette | @nofakepockets
    Pattern | Patterns For Pirates SOS Pants
    Colorway | Black

    "This black rib is HEAVY. A mostly rayon fabric means softness - but it isn't delicate! I did sew up a pants pattern (P4P S.o.S. pants) that was meant for a more structured knit, and this one has incredible stretch that ponte could never have.
    Ever the optimist, I sized these down a few, and was smitten with the results!! I made a taller waistband (with elastic) and these new work pants will be a weekly staple. Paired with versailles brushed hacci top (M4M danika). ❤️
    I'm dreaming of fitted frocks for spring and summer with alllllll the colors. Don't miss out on this gorgeous rayon spandex rib."

    Summer | @summersewist
    Pattern | Made For Mermaids Everly Cardigan
    Colorway | Antique White

    The new Heavy Rayon Rib is an impressive fabric. It has a nice heft, perfect for form-fitting garments such as bodycon dresses, pencil skirts, or fitted tops. It's completely opaque, even in the lighter colors. It would also work well for structured garments such as blazers, coatigans, leggings, or even shorts. It is a thicker fabric, so some care will need to be taken with the differential feed and pressing seams. A clapper will be your friend for getting seams and folds to lie flat.
    I used the antique white colorway to make an Everly Cardigan from Made for Mermaids. The structure of the fabric gives the pattern a bit of a more polished or sophisticated look. The color is a beautiful creamy color that reminds me of a delicious cafe au lait."

    Leah | @leah.wink
    Pattern | Style Patterns Islington & Jackson Leggings
     Colorway | Thistle

    "Surge’s new Rayon Rib is a thick, lush, stretchy fabric, perfect for any fitted top, dress, or tights. I sewed up a fitted sleep/ lounge set using the Islington top and Jackson leggings, both by Styla. The lavender color is just lovely!
    The thick nature of the fabric is fabulous because it doesn’t show undergarment lines and is smooths the body’s lumps and bumps. Clocking in at 400gsm makes it great for any winter garment, and the 75% stretch means free movement in a more fitted garment."

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