Halifax Angled Sides Pocket Modification
It's that time of year again to think about your fall/winter wardrobe! It's always bittersweet for me as I love summer, but the changing of the seasons, and fall colors just gives me all the feels!
The Halifax Hoodie from Hey June Patterns is quite possibly my all time favorite hoodie pattern. With our newly released Lush Faux Fur Hacci Sweater Knit line, I thought it would be fun to see if this hoodie pattern could double as a sweater pattern! And then the desire to add pockets hit me as well.  So I want to share how YOU can use the fun angle side panel Halifax pattern and have your pockets too! 

Preparing The Pattern

This is SUPER simple.  Grab the front body pattern piece and we are going to trace the bottom portion of the pattern.  I traced approximately 8" from the bottom edge. then we need to draw a small curve for the pocket opening.  This starts 1.25" below the the top edge of the pocket and extends ~4". When we sew the pocket lining, this will open up the space a little more so be careful not to make this too large. 

Cutting The Fabric

Cut all pattern pieces as specified in the pattern.  Take the pocket piece we created and cut on the curve to create a flap.  Lay it on the front bodice and cut the curve out through both layers (as it should be folded yet). 
Next, we will cut 2 more of these pocket linings out.  One with the curve and one without.

Sewing The Pocket

Lay the front bodice right side up, then place the curved pocket lining right side down on the front bodice.  The right sides should be touching. Now clip and sew the curves on each side. Do not sew the straight edges.
Once you have sewn these edges, flip the pocket lining to the back of the front bodice.
Now we are going to take the pocket lining with the straight edges and lay it right side down on top of this curved pocket lining piece.  Then clip and sew the top edge being careful not to catch the front bodice panel.
Flip the bodice over and admire your pockets and smile at how easy they were to put together!
Now, you can sew the rest of the pattern together as written! 
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