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    Cupro Double Knit | Latest Release

    I am SO excited to share a brand new fabric line with you all today, our new Cupro Double Knit! This fabric comes with a little back story. Tessa, from Love Notions reached out about a year ago asking if I had any leads on a similar fabric to type that Spanx uses for their Air Essentials line. At the time, I searched high and low for a similar blend and construction, but came up empty. After all this time of low key hunting, I had nearly given up on finding anything remotely similar. Then lo' and behold, I came across this beautiful fabric.

    In sharing that, let's answer the most burning question first. How does this fabric compare to the one used in Spanx Air Essentials? The fiber content on the Spanx fabric is 47% Modal, 46% Polyester and 7% Spandex. The fiber content on our Cupro Double Knit is 50% Modal, 47% Polyester and 3% Spandex. The hand on the Spanx Air Essential fabric is soft and smooth, but our fabric is a touch softer, and "dryer" which results in a more matte appearance. The thickness is quite comparable, but the Air Essentials fabric is a bit spongier. The stretch is pretty comparable as well, with the Spanx Air Essential having a touch more vertical stretch. Drape wise, our fabric hangs a bit more fluidly. Overall they are VERY similar and this fabric will certainly work for any Spanx Air Essential dupes you wish to create!

    We know it wouldn't be a proper new release without a little sewing inspiration, so we have a few garments to share!

    It was tempting to save the best for last, but I couldn't bring myself to lead you on that long! Our new fabric release coincides with the release of the Love Notions Aurora Tunic & Dress Pattern. Tessa used our cupro double knit in 'Denim' to make this sample and it is simply stunning! 

    I had my heart set on a lounge set inspired by all the RTW ones I've been seeing shared by all the fashion influencers. That coupled with the recently released Made For Mermaids Winnie Pants, and the set she made with our cotton spandex French Terry, I knew I couldn't resist sewing up a pair of those pants! But I thought, with this fabric, it would make for an elevated lounge set that I would be comfortable wearing to the field on soccer nights this spring. And boy did this pattern and fabric combination deliver just that! Now, I'm on the hunt for an oversized v-neck polo top if anyone has any suggestions. McCalls 8240 has been the closest I've seen to what I want but, being a small fabric shop owner, I prefer to support indie designers and am holding out for the perfect design to emerge amongst them! 

    Last but not least is a sample made by Beth, a new face around here that you'll be seeing more of in the coming months! She has recently started helping me with creating content and her first foray into this new role here has been to test and sample our new Cupro Double Knit. Not only did she make a Spanx inspired one, using the Hey June Handmade Halifax and True Bias Nikko Top, but she also filmed a short video to elaborate on this fabric and to share some of her experience so far with this fabric. I hope you'll give it a watch!

    Satu February 22, 2024

    Thank you so much for the story and the video. It is very helpful! I saw the LN new pattern earlier this morning and was playing out different fabric scenarios in my head during my morning run..well, got home and found your email in my inbox. Perfect! 👍 😃

    Lorrie Cranor February 22, 2024

    Thanks for sharing all this info! It really helps to better understand the properties of the fabric. The video is great. I would also love to see the photos clickable to a larger version to be able to see more detail.

    A. March 16, 2024

    Hi Kayla! Thanks for doing these show and tell posts – they really help highlight how the fabric behaves plus give great inspo! :) I just recently saw the Love Notions Frankie pattern and thought maybe that was similar to the polo pattern you’re looking for? Maybe you’ve seen it already. Anyway thanks for the inspiration!

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