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    Cotton Double Gauze | Latest Fabric Release

    Cotton double gauze is a versatile fabric that can be used for home decor as well as apparel. You may be most familiar with gauze when it is used as baby swaddle blankets, but with the right techniques and pattern selections it is a fantastic garment fabric as well.

    What is Cotton Double Gauze?

    Double gauze can be made from plant fibers such as cotton, bamboo, or linen. Today we are discussing cotton gauze, like the ones Surge carries in the shop.

    Gauze is a super lightweight, open weave fabric. Double gauze is when the manufacturer takes two layers of gauze and tacks them together with tiny stitches, creating one double layered fabric. With washing, the two layers shrink and fluff and create a squishy, breathable fabric.

    Before and After Washing

    Double gauze looks dramatically different straight off the bolt vs. after washing.

    It is also prone to shrinking in both directions. Order extra fabric to account for shrinkage AND the crinkling of the fabric.

    Pattern Selection

    Double gauze works best for loose garments that have positive ease. It tends to grow with wearing so anything meant to be tight fitting will lose its shape. 

    Due to the crinkled nature of the fabric, double gauze can change during the sewing process. It is not a fabric to fit while you are sewing. Choose a pattern that you are familiar with so that you are confident of the final fit.

    After sewing your garment, it is likely that the pressing and sewing process has stretched out the crinkle and made your garment bigger than you need. Before wearing your brand new item, wash and dry the garment to return it to its original shape.

    Review the above photo to see a pair of shorts directly after the sewing steps were completed, and right after washing again.

    Tips and Tricks for Sewing

    Double gauze is a lovely fabric to wear, but it does take some extra care while sewing.

    • Use a walking foot
    • Use sharp needles and scissors/rotary cutter
    • Do everything possible to avoid a seam ripper
    • Use strong seam finishes to avoid fraying

    Saguaro Shorts

    Pattern Recommendations

    Donny Shirt
    from Friday Pattern Company

    Melody Dolman
    from Love Notions 

    Marcel Dress
     from Chalk & Notch Patterns

    Kirby Dress from Styla Patterns

    Saguaro Set
    from Friday Pattern Company

    March Dress
    from Helen's Closet

    Wide Strap Maxi Dress
    from Peppermint Magazine

    Jenna Skirt
    from Seamwork

    All In Easy Fit Shirt
    from Pattern Emporium

    Additional Resources

    Tilly And The Buttons put together a beautiful blog post sharing all her helpful tips for sewing with cotton double gauze along with a video. Check out that post here.

    One of our team members, Mandy (@handmademandy), wrote an incredibly detailed blog post which you can find here.

    The Love to Sew Podcast has an episode packed full of double gauze tips (skip to minute 15 for the tips). 

    We have also put together a Pinterest Board of RTW styles that are made with Cotton Double Gauze if you wish to check that out.

    Shop all the high quality cotton double gauze fabrics from Surge!

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    Carol Sorensen April 24, 2024

    I read this blog after placing my order. While I love double gauze, it can be a tricky fabric. I appreciate your “pros & cons” review.

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