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    Better than Bought - Zipper Accent Halifax

    Hello everyone, Erin here again from Sew You Think You Can Sew. I am so excited for this month's Better than Bought Bundle, it is probably my new favorite... Although I am pretty sure I say that every month!

    Kayla and I have been drooling over this super cute hoodie from Pinterest for a while. The quilted front and the zippers are the perfect touch. For our BTB version we modified the Halifax Hoodie from Hey June Patterns to add the zipper accent. We also faux quilted the front of our Halifax to achieve a similar look.


    If you are interested in adding the hood like the Pinterest inspiration photo you can use this tutorial from the Hey June blog.

    What You Need

    • Halifax Hoodie Pattern from Hey June
    • Better Than Bought Bundle (or two yards fabric and two accent zippers)
    • Lightweight interfacing

    Better Than Bought Bundle Details

    There are several BTB bundles available for this month, all the bundles include two yards of fabric and two coordinating accent zippers. I sewed up the Charcoal bundle which has gorgeous rose gold zippers, I can't get enough of the rose gold!

    Preparing the Pattern

    This BTB is so easy there aren't any pattern alterations required! Print and assemble the Halifax View B.

    One thing to keep in mind if you normally add length to patterns like I do is that when you properly add length to the Halifax view B the front "V" becomes even more pronounced. I chose not to add length to my zipper version because I wanted the zippers to stay further apart.


    Faux Quilting

    If you are planning on doing the faux quilted front cut a rectangle slightly larger than your front panel pattern piece. Then open up the rectangle and turn it at a 45 degree angle to your cutting mat. You can see on my mat there is a line at the 45 degree angle that I aligned with.

    Then using a fabric safe marker and yard stick or quilting ruler draw horizontal and vertical lines on the BACK side of your fabric. I drew my lines 2 inches apart, of course you can do what ever you would like! Once the lines are drawn it is time to sew using your marks as a guide, use a long stitch length and up your tension (I went from my standard 4 to 6).

    Once the faux quilting is done you can cut out the front from the rectangle. Make sure that as soon as you are done cutting it out you serge all the edges so that the faux quilting doesn't come out.

    Zipper Accents

    Begin by clipping the front and back bodice pieces together right sides together at the shoulders and then serging/sewing them together. Then attach the bottom bands to the front and back. Serge or sew a zig zag along the side of the front and back just to finish the edges. The sides should not be sewn together yet. Then attach the arms

    Now for the zippers! I promise they are not complicated, my favorite video from Professor Pincushion on how to do an exposed zipper is here, I recommend you use this video to add in the zippers as it is much easier with a video visual.

    Cut four 1 inch by 8 inch strips from the lightweight interfacing. Line up the zipper with the strip and mark the end of the zipper stop on the interfacing with a horizontal line. Then measure 3/4 of an inch in from one edge and draw a vertical line. 

    Iron them onto the wrong side of the front and back side seams. Then baste stitch over your lines on the interfacing. 

    Next pin or clip the right sides together and using a straight stitch on your sewing machine sew a 3/8" seam all the way from the wrist to the top of the horizontal baste stitch. Then make a diagonal cut from the edge, fold to the wrong side and press along your basting stitches.

    Flip the shirt right side out and with the right side of the zipper facing the right side of the shirt line up the zipper stop slightly in from the edge of the opening. Pin it in place making sure to only pin the main fabric not the triangular pieces. Sew just along the horizontal basting stitch to attach the top of the zipper. 

    Then flip the zipper underneath so that the right side of the zipper is up.Pin just along the basting stitches pinning only the bottom part of the fabric.

     Sew along the basting stitches again to attach the zipper.

    An optional step is to top stitch around the zippers to hold everything in place a little better.

    Congratulations you are all done!! I cannot wait to see your versions! Use the hashtag #surgebtb on Facebook. You can also share on Instagram with that hashtag as well. Please follow/tag us on Instagram @sew_youthinkyoucansew and @surgefabricshop. Also check out my personal blog Sew You Think You Can Sew for more awesome pattern hacks and info!

    Note some links in this post may be affiliate links.

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