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    Better Than Bought - Twist Tank

    Hello everyone, I'm back again with another fun and easy Better Than Bought pattern hack! A few weeks ago I was scrolling through Instagram and came across this cute tank top from Grace & Lace. Of course being me I decided I could make it better myself! New Horizons Designs has a FREE tank top pattern called the Key West which I decided to modify to make my own version of the twist tank.

    I used the gorgeous eggplant rayon spandex from the shop to make my version.

    Now this wouldn't be a Better Than Bought blog without a bundle to go with it. So this week we are offering 20% off all the solid rayon spandex fabrics in stock! Use coupon code TWISTTANK at checkout to receive a discount. This code will be good until Friday August 4th.

    What you will need:

    I used the FREE Key West Tank pattern from New Horizons Designs. Join their Facebook group to get the code for the free download.

    1 to 2 yards of rayon spandex fabric. I recommend a solid color as the twist will show some of the wrong side of the fabric.

    Preparing the pattern:

    There are two alterations we will need to make to the pattern pieces, extending the armholes and making the back two pieces instead of one. First we will tackle the armholes.

    Measure 1.5 inches below the bottom of the arm opening on both the front and back pieces. Then following the existing curve draw a line that meets with the pattern piece like so. Cut the excess off of the pattern.

    In order to make the back two pieces we will need to add in 1/2" at the fold line to account for seam allowances. I find this easiest to do by simply moving the pattern piece back 1/2" once I have everything prepped to cut. Then I cut right down the fold line and magically have two pieces! One last step before moving your back pattern piece is to cut a horizontal line 1/2" in about 6 inches down from the bottom of the armhole.


    You will need the following pieces:

    • Front bodice
    • (2) of the altered back pieces
    • (3) neck band pieces, use the binding option

    Remember the 1/2" horizontal incision we just made on our two back pieces? Well now we are going to finish the edge above that incision. Fold the fabric in 1/4" and iron, then fold over one more 1/4" and iron again. Using your sewing machine and a simple straight stitch (no double needle) sew right along the edge and then press.

    With right sides facing pin/clip the two back pieces together along the remaining raw edge. Sew or serge with a 1/2" seam allowance from the bottom to the point where the finished edge begins. Press the seam to one side.

    With right sides facing pin/clip the SIDE seams together on both sides and sew or serge.

    At this point we will attach the arm binding pieces. Begin by opening up the armhole until it lays in a straight line. Measure this and then multiply by .8. This will tell you how long to make the binding piece. Cut two of the neck binding pieces to this length and then attach both the arm bindings.

    Now it is time to do the twist. With your shirt right side out and back side up, lay it on a flat surface. Twist the back strap pieces 360 degrees around. It doesn't matter which way as long as you are consistent on both sides. Once you have twisted the piece pin the shoulder seams together (since the shirt is right side out make sure you pin the inside edges). Also overlap the two pieces about 1/2" in the center.

    Sew/serge the shoulder seams together. It is easiest to do this if you start on the edge that does not have the binding.

    Baste the center point together in order to create the neck opening.

    Attach the neck binding and hem the bottom and you are done!

    I can't wait to see your Twist Tanks. Please make sure to post your creations and use the hashtag #surgebtb to be entered in our monthly drawing for the next better than bought bundle free!


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