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    Bahia Rib Knit | Latest Release

    We are so excited to introduce our new Bahia Rib Knit to you all! This beautiful fabric is a little more than what first meets the eye. As the name implies, it is a 2x2 rib knit construction, but with a fun dot/flower design columns in between. It has an almost lacy look with that design which effortlessly elevates the simplest of garments. We love how soft this fabric feels and with a beautiful color palette, we are sure it's going to become a favorite this spring/summer!

    Here's just a little sewing and pattern inspiration from our sewist team!

    Jessica | @genwindesignco
    Color | Orange Tomato
    Pattern | Greenstyle Bali Top (up to

    "I love pointelle and I love rib knit, so this fabric was a dream for me! It has great stretch and recovery and my, oh my, the color! This is a great lightweight fabric for spring and summer! I made a Greenstyle Creations Bali top in the longest length with the petal sleeve option. The Bali pattern became a quick summer favorite for me last year and I knew it would be perfect for this fabric in the tomato colorway! I could see this fabric being used for a wide variety of tops and dresses!"

    Alicia | @craftivitie
    Color | Cherry Red
    Pattern | Love Notions Margot Peplum

    "This is my first time working with Pointelle Rib Knit. First impressions: great stretch, comfortable, soft and very breathable! This rib knit is very lightweight but not necessarily too thin. I appreciate the fact that it didn’t get eaten by my machine. It works up nicely for spring and summer garments such as tops, tanks, flowing dresses or even comfy sleepwear. It would also work great for little girls clothing due to its texture and lightweight. I decided to make the Love Notions Margot Peplum in red pointelle. It’s a vibrant shade that reminds me of watermelon and summer fun!"

    Kayla | @kctarey_handmade
    Color | Black
    Pattern | Staystitch Pattern Co Lola Tank

    "Every year I seem to fall in love with a pattern/fabric combination and make it multiple times. I've already found that winning combo this year in the Staystitch Pattern Lola Tank and our new Bahia Rib Knit. I went with a classic black because I will never give up on wearing neutrals. This is going to be my favorite for summer! 

    Florence | @ftmom3
    Color | Summer Melon
    Pattern | Sinclair Patterns Bondi & Nyoka mash-up

    "The Bahia Rib knit is combination of pointelle + rib knit = dreamy.
    This base has great stretch, recovery, lightweight & unique floralndesihn on a ribbed material.
    It was easy to sew on my regular 1978 kenmore machine and the feel was so soft & breathable. I knew it would work beautifully creating a Spring/Summer maxi dress. I mashed the Sinclair Patterns Bondi bodice with the Nyoka maxi skirt.
    This Summer Melon colorway is soft, feminine & lovely for creating subtle and stunning outfits."

    Cynthia | @sewn_by_cynthia
    Color | Athens Blue
    Pattern | Love Notions Canyon Cardigan

    "The new Pointelle Rib Knit possesses the best qualities of both Pointelle and Rib Knit - it has a dainty floral design combined with a ribbed knit creating a unique and pretty fabric! It's so soft and airy so my first thought was that it would make the perfect summer cardigan. I used this gorgeous blue for the Canyon Cardigan from Love Notions...because I always carry a cardigan with me everywhere I go in the summer! And this blue goes well with so many colors. I paired mine with a tank and jeans but it will be perfect over my summer dresses as well!"

    Kyema | @epicpooka
    Color | Smokey Sage
    Pattern | DIBY Club Harriet Knot Tee

    "Somehow the fabric i like to buy and the clothes i like to wear are different, i'm really all about basics but somehow end up with a closet full of prints! They're so eye catching! This was a great fabric for me because it has something fun even though it's a solid so the best of both worlds. The texture reminds me of a classic camisole fabric for a nighty. Cute and delicate. Cutting and sewing was a breeze and it will be so nice to wear as the temperatures rise! I chose to make the Harriet Knot Tee from DIBY. Instructions are great and it was a quick project. I have left over so I plan to make my daughter a matching set with a long sleeve and some cute joggers next!"

    Leah | @leah_wink
    Colors | Spring Green & Off White
    Patterns | Hey June Union St (green) & Styla Patterns Islington & Houston mash-up

    "I am all about texture right now, and the pointelle rib knit has a lovely stitching that elevates it over your standard rib. The fabric is lightweight and stretchy, and works beautifully for both fitted or looser garments. I was worried that the fabric would be too thin for a placket, but it held up beautifully, and the white is opaque enough to feel modest. This fabric is a must for your spring and summer sewing!"

    Bernice | @sewbee73
    Color | Pumpkin Spice
    Pattern | Ellie & Mac True Beauty

    "The color of the pointelle rib knit I sewed up (spice) is lovely! I had an easy time sewing with my sewing machine (for the gathering stitches), serger, and coverstitch and I had the differential turned up on my serger and coverstitch. This fabric was a pleasure to gather as the gathers didn't shift around like it would on slippery fabric. The fabric is light to wear and soft to the touch. I think this fabric is perfect for lightweight garments."


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    Kori April 29, 2023

    So many possibilities! I love seeing everyone’s makes and all the fun colors!

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