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    Ayr Tweed Sweater Knit | Latest Fabric Release

    This week we are excited to finally present to our Ayr Tweed Sweater Knit! This fabric is a modern twist on a timeless classic, Tweed, most known for their speckled look. They are typically a woven woolen fabric and most often rugged, scratchy/itchy, rigid/non-stretch. They also require special care such as dry cleaning and/or handwashing. Our Ayr Tweed on the other hand, is made from polyester and spandex which gives it a soft touch, stretch for comfort and machine washability. The unique construction of this fabric makes for a plush and lofty fabric without the weight and density. This creates warm yet light weight garments that you will love, both as layering pieces and as stand alone pieces. This sweater knit is perfect for both Fall and Winter, but will easily carry you through those chilly spring days way off in the distant future!


    "As soon as I got my hands on this gorgeous Ayr Tweed Sweater Knit, I knew it needed to be a relaxed wrap sweater! This fabric is deliciously squishy, yet elevated due to the tweed texture. The hints of brown against the black base give it a unique style. I used the Cozy Wrap pattern from Patterns for Pirates, cut at the shirt length. It is a make that can be dressed up or down for the cold weather season."


    "This fabric is the sweater knit we all deserve going into fall and winter! It's thick, it's warm, it's GORGEOUS, and it's sturdy. I don't know about you, but for me sewing sweater knit sometimes feels like sewing with water. This amazing knit is NOT that way. It took a cover stitched hem SO WELL without massively stretching out or warping like sweater knits can. I made the Metra Blazer from Love Notions in a size 3x and this fabric was perfect. This is the newest staple in my fall wardrobe."


    "I gasped, swooned and squealed when I saw the Ayr Tweed Sweater Knit in Navy. I have wanted to create a look I saw from a ready to wear shop & as a sewist knew I could make it for myself. I made  my blazer with Unleashed Pattern Braze Blazer and my skirt is the Made For Mermaids Vanessa (soon to be released pattern/skirt portion) I hacked to be a pencil skirt with a band.  The cherry on top was well… the deep cherry Florence ( yes that's is the actual name)  stretch woven for the By Hand of London Sarah Pussybow Top. The feel of this fabric is like a hug, it was easy to sew but be mindful  that it might snag on your nails (not my machine thankfully). I love how business casual this base looks but also how comfy  and cozy. I know I plan to get all the colorways lol."


    "I was inspired by the cozy oversized sweater vibe this season, so I chose the Lowland Kids Women's Dolman pattern.  To get more of that oversized feel, I went up two sizes from my measurements and made a medium, plus added 2 inches to the bodice and sleeves.  I could have gone up even more for a truly oversized look, but I love how this turned out and think it will be perfectly cozy and cute with skinny jeans or fancy lounging in leggings. I absolutely love the tweed look and these brown tones together create such a beautiful texture.  The colors and texture also make sewing with it pretty forgiving. You can't even tell if my neck topstitching is even (of course it is haha)!  The fabric was also super easy to sew on both my serger and sewing machine, though it does have a bit of a fuzz texture that tended to get stuck to many things while I was cutting and sewing, like little scratches on my cutting mat and the calluses on my fingers. But, it's super soft and squishy, and lighter weight than it looks, though not thin at all.  Because of the fuzzies, I opted for a top rather than a dress or skirt that might be more prone to snagging  when sitting on rough surfaces (I have a 5 year old and often find myself sitting on sidewalks and logs)."


    "I am officially obsessed with the new Ayr Tweed Sweater Knit fabric!! It's SO soft and cozy and is just beautiful to look at! I just knew the grey would make the perfect Sonia Estep Designs Serendipity! I made the Bonfire version with a kangaroo pocket and cowl. The combination of this amazing fabric and top is a perfect match!
    The Serendipity is this month's SED Patreon exclusive pattern, so to get it, you just need to subscribe to their Patreon before the end of November! Not only do you get the pattern, but there are live streams, sew alongs, and so much more!
    You can find out more here!


    We hope you enjoyed this post and the sewing inspiration it contains! If you feel inspired by the makes of these talented sewists, please consider visiting their IG pages (linked below their names) and give them a follow to show your appreciation and support! 
    If you have any questions, remember we are only an email away!

    ***Please note, this is a limited release meaning, availability is limited to the inventory on hand as we are not able to reorder more at this time. Shop early to secure your favorites and the yardage required for your project.

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